Data assistance / Entry



Our LINKRY EVENTS Specialist will guide you on the best practices for your event and assist you in entering your data into the platform. To help you manage time and energy, a Linkry Events Platform Specialist will give you best practices for your data entry, by providing tricks for better accuracy and precision, answering your questions, and advising you to prevent data entry errors. The assistance will be provided via email or phone.



Our Linkry EVENTS Specialist will help you manage the platform and setup everything on-site. The on-site support module will provide you with guidance, tricks, tools, knowledge, and expertise to transform your event into a memorable experience, whether it’s your first event or you’re a seasoned pro. Our Linkry Events Specialist will help you manage the back office, push notifications, and polls, as well as advise you on the best practices along the way.

Does not include travel, catering or accommodation expenses necessary for the mission.




With the Ticketing and Online Payment Module, you can easily manage your attendance by offering multiple ticket types with different quantities and prices, as well as collecting payment for ticket sales. Moreover, your attendees can quickly register and buy tickets from their Phone, tablet, or computer. A great event starts with a great ticketing experience. For this reason, we have created a module for ticketing and online payment. The module gives you the opportunity to offer various ticket types with different quantities and multiple prices. The payment process will help you collect payment for ticket sales easily, and because time is money, we thought for a way to accelerate the sale process: Your attendees can quickly register and buy tickets from their phone, tablet, or computer. Online payment processing fees: 4% When you use our ticketing and online payment module the cost is passed on to your attendees and as an added bonus our award-winning event management software will be included.


The Linkry Events platform enables advertisers and sponsors to connect with event audiences in a brand-new way. Because we believe in the power of advertisement and sponsorship, our platform uncovers new revenue streams for you event, gives your sponsors the opportunity to get targeted exposure, as well as generate a viral advertising for your partners.

Give your sponsors the opportunity to get targeted exposure and unlock new revenue sources for your event

Linkry Events adds a new dimension to your event organizing toolkit-advertising partners. Our platform enables you to create offers from pre-approved partner brands directly to attendees. It’s another way to monetize your most valuable asset and opens a whole new revenue channel for you. Use the Linkry Events Mobile Application to give sponsors and exhibitors direct exposure to attendees. It provides a new channel for your sponsors to communicate value to attendees and generate additional revenue streams for you.

Increase Exposure for Sponsors

A sponsored post is a message displayed on the activity feed (the first and most accessed section of the app). Beyond being a great communication tool for event organizers, a sponsored post can effectively be a great opportunity for sponsors as well. A sponsored microapp offers a high level of exposure and virtually connects the sponsor to every app user. It can link to a custom landing page, the sponsor’s website and more...





The Lead Generation Module allows you to turn your event into more effective lead generation hub, giving your exhibitors a reason to come back in the next editions. Unlock new revenue streams, while empowering exhibitors with a complete solution that allows to drive and control traffic, satisfaction as well as retain leads. Give your exhibitors the opportunity to retain and stay in touch with every single lead from the crowd without losing anyone. Offer unlimited lead scanning, immediate lead qualification, access to leads anytime, and the ability to measure booth staff performance-all throught a seamless mobile experience. Provide each exhibitor with a QR code visible in their booth. This will allow the leads waiting in line to use and scan that code in order to get in touch with booth staff members by email through their smartphone, without having to wait a long time for their turn or leave. By using the Lead Generation Module, Your exhibitors will control traffic as well as retain leads, and your attendees won’t have to waste time waiting in line, thus improving their event experience, to access a booth.

Drive Traffic to Your Sponsors

Incentivize attendees to visit key exhibitors or sponsors with custom, sponsored virtual badges through the app’s gamification features. then equip your exhibitors to make the most of the experience.


The Engagement Bot is a tool that allows you to drive attendees’ involvement during your event. Acting as a virtual, real-time assistant for your event, the Engagement Bot will understand your attendees’ needs along with their desires and then act upon them. Our Engagement Bot’s Artificial Intelligence makes it predictive, consistent, and responsive, and this is what you’re looking for to take your attendees’ experience to the next level. The Engagement bot uses the power of cutting edge technology to automate conversations with your attendees in real-time allowing them to have assistance 24/7. This Artificial Intelligence technology allows conversations to sound natural and are tailored to each of your attendees, resulting in measurable improvement in attendee experience. By letting your Engagement Bot handle this aspect of your event you can save time, effort, and cost. This will free you up to focus on other value-adding activities.